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I can make sense of most of the information contained in /proc/meminfo like total memory, buffers, cache etc. Could you tell me what do the less obvious ones like the ones listed below mean?

  • AnonPages
  • Mapped
  • Slab
  • NFS_Unstable
  • Bounce
  • VmallocTotal
  • VmallocUsed
  • VmallocChunk

If anyone is wondering, I am talking about the output of the linux command cat /proc/meminfo

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The canonical source of this information is /usr/src/linux/Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt. Specifically,

   AnonPages: Non-file backed pages mapped into userspace page tables
      Mapped: files which have been mmaped, such as libraries
        Slab: in-kernel data structures cache
NFS_Unstable: NFS pages sent to the server, but not yet committed to stable
      Bounce: Memory used for block device "bounce buffers"
VmallocTotal: total size of vmalloc memory area
 VmallocUsed: amount of vmalloc area which is used
VmallocChunk: largest contigious block of vmalloc area which is free
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alternate link while kernel.org is down: github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/Documentation/filesystems/… –  fennec Sep 27 '11 at 17:36

My understanding is as follows.
And I agree these numbers are hard to understand and showing inconsistent values.

  • MemTotal

    = MemFree + Active + Inactive + Slab + PageTables + VmallocUsed + X
    (X : alloc_pages() (get_free_pages(), etc))

    But recent kernel's vmallocused value could be wrong. This is because it counts VM_xxx regions like VM_IOREMAP, VM_MAP,... other than VM_ALLOC area.

    VM_IOREMAP region can be mapping memory which can be outside of kernel's memory management, so the formula above can be not precise, or completely wrong.

    You can either do:

    • Check /proc/vmallocinfo to sort out all the entries and filter by yourself,
    • Modify fs/proc/mmu.c: get_vmalloc_info() to count regions only when if(vma->flags & VM_ALLOC)
  • Active + Inactive

     = Buffers + Cached + SwapCached + AnonPages
  • AnonPages

     = /proc/*/task/*/smaps anonymous area all sum
     (anonymous: no name|[heap]|/dev/zero|/dev/shm/*|[stack])

    Although I haven't been able to match these numbers. See here and help me if you have any clue.

  • Total PageCache

     = Buffers + Cached + SwapCached
  • Slab

     = SReclaimable + SUnreclaim
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From RedHat

VMallocTotal — The total amount of memory, in kilobytes, of total allocated virtual address space. VMallocUsed — The total amount of memory, in kilobytes, of used virtual address space. VMallocChunk — The largest contiguous block of memory, in kilobytes, of available virtual address space.

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