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I have a template called client_details.html that displays user, note and datetime. Now sometimes, a client may not have an entry for user, note and datetime. What my program will do instead is display None if these fields are empty. I do not want the to display None. If a field has no value I don't want to see any value e.g. let it be blank if possible instead of displaying None.


def get_client(request, client_id = 0):
    client = None
        client = models.Client.objects.get(pk = client_id)
    return render_to_response('client_details.html', {'client':client}, context_instance = RequestContext(request))


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you may use:

{% if client %} {{client.user}} {% else %} &nbsp; {% endif %}

Checking with an if is enough, so you may not user else block if you want...

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Use the built-in default_if_none filter.

{{ client.user|default_if_none:"&nbsp;" }}
{{ client.user|default_if_none:"" }}
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There's also the default filter, but default_if_none is more specific. If you're dealing with model instances for these things though then it'll all come to the same thing. –  Chris Morgan Jul 5 '11 at 16:27

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