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I have create a search form that can search the data from my database and show the result. Now I have try to create a search form that can search the permutated words.

Example, I have a textfield in the form for keyin the keyword to search. What to do if I want to search "tea" but the results returned from the database not only "tea" but also "tae", "eat", "ate", "eta", and "aet".

I know how to generate the list of permutated word of tea but I don't know how to search tea but the script will auto search the permutated words also.

Can I use wildcard for this? I have think that generate the permutated words first and then search with the permutated words that list out. But it is not work.

Any idea or help is appreciated.


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Generate all permutation resutls and send list to database and query using IN clause for each list item.

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how to send list to database??You mean that first i need to generate all permutation results and second send list to database and third query with IN clause? – l3x Jul 5 '11 at 14:43

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