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I get unexplained "Headers already sent on line #..." error on those 2 lines that execute "echo ..." in the code below.

Simplified version of the case:


//Initializing FirePHP...
// <--- I've also tried to move the ob_start(), after the FirePHP init,
// <--- instead before it. But it made no difference.
<div>A lots of HTML (and php) code goes here... Actually my entire page.
FirePHP is also used here many times by multiple invocations
of the function fb('debug text');</div>


if ($GLOBALS["marketing_enabled"])
    echo marketingReplaceContent($all_page_content);
    echo $all_page_content;

ob_flush(); flush();

//Do some other non-printing - but slow stuff.

// <--- presumably the php execution ends here.

I cannot understand why FirePHP is trying to do something upon page completion after I print the buffer and flushed it? Or what is it trying? How can I cope with this problem? :(

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what do you do in the do_the_silent_slow_stuff_Now()? If there is any call to fire php, it will try to send headers, which won't work, since you already sent output with flush(). –  Sascha Galley Jul 5 '11 at 14:44
hehe :) Yes. I had one fb() call there in do_the_silent_slow_stuff_Now(). How it didn't occurre to me that the problem was there. So simple! I was expecting the problem to be somewhere before the echo statements, but is so illogical to look there. Anyway, write this as reply to my question, I will mark it as answer. It may be usefull for some googler baffled like me :) –  PatlaDJ Jul 5 '11 at 14:53

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Here's your problem:

Headers already sent on line #...

Thats exaclty what happens when you use FirePHP and echo something beforehand. This might even be a whitespace before the <?php tag. FirePHP sends all its content as a header, and headers can't be send after any output is made.

Since I'm sure that you call FirePHP in your do_the_silent_slow_stuff_Now(); method I recommend not to use buffering, flushing and FirePHP at once.

Either you resign on ob_start() and ob_flush() during the development phase or you call the ob_flush() method after all stuff is done.

Third possibility would be to seperate your development and live phase by doing something like $development = true; and make your own FirePHP function:

function my_fb($text) {


if($development) {
    ob_flush(); flush();
else {
    ob_flush(); flush();

Hope this helps!

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Now when I fully understand this behaviour, in addition to your recommendation I will also add one more recommendation:adding second level of output buffering. –  PatlaDJ Jul 5 '11 at 14:56
@PatlaDJ glad I could help...I also added some details to my answer. –  Sascha Galley Jul 5 '11 at 14:57

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