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Is this possible? I installed Dreamweaver to take advantage of some third party plugin to make special xml files but upon installing it, it took over all my ASP.NET file types (even though I clicked 'select none' on the pop-up at first start). Anyways does anyone know if there is a quick automated way to restore them to Visual Web Developer?

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Not sure if this is int he Express version, but VS2008 has a "Restore File Associations" button on the Tools/Options.../Environment/General property page.

If that isn't there in Express, I'd try performing a 'repair' install.

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I think this is the only way to do it. Sadly you will have to do it for every file types you want to change.

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Repair the installation?

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In VS go to tools-option-enviroment-general and click restore file associations button. :)

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