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I have a big JSON feed, which contains an array called Show, Place and Conserts.

Show looks like this:

"Id":"1", "ActivityType":"", "Name":"Some show", "Description":""

Place looks like this:

"Id":"4", "Name":"Some place", "Area": ""

Conserts looks like this:

"Show":"1", "Place":"4", "Start":"2011-08-11T19:00:00Z"

So basically for each show and place I need to iterate through and see when their ids match in Conserts. However, when I do this it takes about a minute to iterate through everything on the device. I've used NSMutableArray to do this. I store everything from the JSON feed into Core Data.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what I can do to reduce the time on the iteration through my NSMutableArrays containing the data from Core Data?

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If it's stored in Core Data, you can pull out the just the entities you need using a predicate to filter the information.

More info can be found here:

I'd utilize the information under "Retrieving Specific Objects".

good luck!

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