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I have a Wordpress site that I am currently working on and have set up a form with the CformsII plugin but the client would like the form data submitted to a SOAP web service.

I have the SOAP webservice URL and XML data but the CformsII plugin in Wordpress seems to use a standard HTML POST method which I have been told that the SOAP webservicewill not handle.

I have never used or had any experience with SOAP web services before so I am really in need of guidance as to how I can go about submitting form data from a Wordpress site (with or without the CformsII plugin) to a SOAP webservice.

Has anyone achieved this previously or know of any plugin that could help?

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I wish I had a better answer for you, but I'm afraid it'll involve some coding and understanding on SOAP. (Because I couldn't find any WordPress plugins that implemented a generic SOAP client or more specifically a form submitter with SOAP support).

This post author collected a nice group of links that should help get you started:

Personally, I use GravityForms for all my projects (but it's a paid plugin). But they provide a nice API and there's a hook called gform_post_submission that I've personally used a lot. (I've "posted" to REST services using that hook).

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There is a soap plugin framework for wordpress that allows you to create/expose wordpress behavior as soap api. and

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