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I have the following javascript object being returned from a WCF call, this has been serialized from a dictionary object, which removed the Key/Value properties

Object { 7="XXX", 9="YYY" }

I want to convert this javascript in to the following array, with result being

[Object { Key=7, Value="XXX"}, Object { Key=9, Value="YYY"}]

I am working with the jquery client side library.

Anyone know how I can convert the object to an array of objects with Key/Value properties?

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Here's a reusable function that'll solve your problem:

// Object { 7="XXX", 9="YYY" }
var bad = {
    7 : "XXX",
    9 : "YYY"

function fix(input)
    var output = [], index;

    for(index in input) {
            "KEY" : index,
            "VALUE" : input[index]

    return output;

// [Object { Key=7, Value="XXX"}, Object { Key=9, Value="YYY"}]
var good = fix(bad);
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You can do something like:

var output = [];

for (var key in result) {
  output.push({ Key: key, Value: result[key] });

Where result is your WCF result. Remember, javascript objects are essentially maps, so where I can do obj.Name, I can also do obj["Name"], and I can enumerate over the members in the map, e.g.: for (var prop in obj) { // Stuff

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a = { "7": "XXX", "9": "YYY" }

var array = [];

for(var key in a){ array.push({key: key, value: a[key]}) }
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