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Quick one; Netbeans 7.0 for PHP development:

Is there any way to inform NetBeans when class_alias has been used to alias a class, thereby triggering code-completion for the alias?

class Foo{
    public static $hello = 'world';

class_alias('Foo', 'Bar');

Bar::$h // triggers code completion for $hello

I'm still working towards becoming adept with NetBeans, and haven't really played to much with the config, so I'm hoping there's some sort of project specific config I can modify.

Thanks in advance folks.

Interestingly, I can can'tSee below instead use namespacing's use (though my project is otherwise namespace free) to achieve what NetBeans will understand:

class Foo{
    public static $hello = 'world';

use \Foo as Bar;

Bar::$h // DOES trigger code completion for $hello

I don't know if this is a viable solution though. My Loader class also holds a map of alias => classname and when a given class is auto-loaded, the load method searches the map and aliases if necessary.

This wouldn't work as hoped, as use is completely unsuited to any sort of dynamic aliasing:

  • Can't be used in any scope other than global, use in a function or method issues a parse error.
  • use has no support for dynamic naming; use \{$class} as {$alias}; is illegal.
  • Most importantly, use doesn't carry through file inclusions, thereby rendering it's usage ... well, useless. Pun-tastic.
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No, sorry, I don't think there is.

I have to say class_alias is a new one on me!

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It's new as of 5.3 – Drazisil Jul 5 '11 at 17:10
Yea, its quite useful for view generation to keep your helper classnames short. My_Super_Text_Transformer_Helper to TextTrans is a beautiful thing :) – Northborn Design Jul 5 '11 at 17:11

I managed to create a bit of a workaround for this

In the bootstrap of your project you can create the aliases

class_alias('Some\Namespaced\ClassName', 'aliasName');
class_alias('Some\Namespaced\ClassName2', 'anotherAlias');

In order to get Netbeans to pick it up you can create a dummy file somewhere in your project. eg. aliases.php

class aliasName extends \Some\Namespaced\ClassName{}
class anotherAlias extends \Some\Namespaced\ClassName2{}

Extend is not directly equivalent to class_alias but for code hinting purposes it works fine.

IMPORTANT! Do not actually include this file anywhere into your project, the mere presence of this file will allow Netbeans to generate the code hints.

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