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I am downloading my data from MySQL to .csv format. I am having no problem using mysql_real_escape_string(), but this function removes any commas or formatting characters that exist in my data.. So the .csv structure is maintained, but my grammatical characters (such as commas) are expectantly removed.

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Are you calling mysql_real_escape_string() on export or when you are trying to import the csv file back into another database? – Clint Jul 5 '11 at 17:21
Clint, it was a recommendation I found to use mysql_real_escape_string() on the import. It actually worked in terms of csv format and removing the commas, but did not maintain the commas were they are in the original data. – OldWest Jul 5 '11 at 17:44

mysql_real_escape_string doesn't REMOVE data. It simply makes a string safe to insert into an SQL query. Standard rules for CSV is the enclose any string containing commas in double-quotes, so

This is my comma , containing string


"This is my comma, containing string"

in the CSV output. And any fields containing double-quotes should have the quotes doubled:

This is my "little" friend


This is my ""little"" friend
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Enclosing each field with double quotes helps.

A function to convert an array to CSV:

function arr2csv($twoDaray) {
   foreach($twoDarray as $k=>$v) {
      echo '"'.$row.'"'.chr(10).chr(13);
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Did not work. I solved this with the below Answer. – OldWest Jul 5 '11 at 20:13

I solved this by wrapping the entire string in quotes, then individually wrapping quotes and commas to maintain the formatting:

$csv_output .= "\"" . eregi_replace("\"", "\"\"", stripslashes($rowr[$j])) . "\",";

You'll note that I strangely applied stripslashes(). Unfortunately the script I am working on only works in php4, and so slashes are added by default settings of the .ini. So I just strip them out.

I'll also probably replace eregi_replace() with str_replace() as I believe it's deprecated.

Anyhow. The above solution works to remove commas and slashes and maintains them where

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