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Ok. Here is my code. I getText from textField to variable baza,and I need to save this value outside ActionListener and return. But here...System.out.println("Spolja: "+baza); i got null value. So my return baza is null. Can someone help me?

String baza;
public String adresa()


   unesiB.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
            System.out.println("Unutra: " +baza);
   unesiB.setBounds(new Rectangle(150, 90, 130, 30));
   System.out.println("Spolja: "+baza);
   return baza;
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That's because baza is not being set until the user performs some action.
The only place you actually assign a value to the variable is inside your definition of actionPerformed for the anonymous ActionListener object. This of course will not be set until the user performs whatever action - which probably can't even happen during the invocation of this method, unless you have some really bizzare concurrency issues.
It looks like you're trying to combine a setup piece of code with a getter piece of code. I reccommend seperating them properly - and you may want to review the level of separation in the rest of your code, too, as it looks like you're probably violating MVC (Specifically, cross-contamination model and view code).
For a more immediate fix, though, you could simply initialize baza to blank.

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