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The overlay blend alters the color of the image on top, as opposed to just altering the transparency. Is there a way to mimic this with CSS? Just exporting a photoshop image with the layer set to overlay and placing it over a background on the web page doesn't work.

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It can't be done with pure css, but it can be done with javascript. Check out Pixastic's blend function, it has ~20 blending methods that match those in photoshop.

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+1 wow, very nice. FYI to the OP, it's theoretically possible to incorporate something like this into CSS, but you'd have to parse the stylesheets to pull out rules and then process them with JS. –  zyklus Jul 5 '11 at 18:46
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now you can do it with CSS but only in modern browser, try background-blend-mode: multiply; it blend the background-image of an element with its background-color.

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