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I have a script that users can input a image URL (from another website) and then crop it using JS and have it saved on my server.

My question is... when getting the image from another server is it safer to use CURL or allow_url_fopen (via file_get_contents())? Or is there a preferred/safer method available?

Security is a big concern for me as I know this is a very dangerous procedure - The script will only need to work for image files if that makes a difference.


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curl would generally be a safer way. It'd take an explicit design/coding decision on your part to allow the results from curl to directly affect your program, whereas allowing urls in the f*() functions would let


occur without error.

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include() is controlled by the more restrictive allow_url_include, not allow_url_fopen. Using file_get_contents() is harmless. –  duskwuff Jul 5 '11 at 20:04

Downloading a file is not a security concern at all, no matter whether it's your server or your own computer, or the application/code you are using to download it :) It's whether you are executing the file :D

All you have to do is just make sure you are not going to EXECUTE / INCLUDE anything in the file. Since you are only going to crop the image, I think you are good to go :)

I suggest cURL tho, allow_url_fopen may raise security problems in other places in your code.

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curl's error handling is much better than file_get_contents(). If you care about that, curl's probably the way to go. If a simple "oops, that didn't work" is enough for you, though, file_get_contents() is a perfectly acceptable shortcut.

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First of all, if you want to get into a deep security discussion. Downloading files is in fact a security concern if you don't know what you are doing.

You can overwrite vital files or even overwrite system files in some cases. Uploading scripts,etc on the server with intention of executing them via web server is also an issue.

So it's not sunshine and rainbows like people pointing out here.

Back to your question, allow_url_fopen is a configuration directive. I assume you meant file_get_contents(). Either will do fine. As others pointed out Curl is a bit more verbose and it's also faster.

If you do end up using file_get_contents(), make sure you never include an unfiltered variable as a parameter.

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