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I want to build a guided "Wizard" set of screens on the iPad. So there is one master screen with N sub-steps in it that are guided through. You should be able to go backwards and forwards through the steps, but also have a "Home" button that goes to the base step.

So the technical challenge is: how does a screen unload itself and load another screen that is the next in the sequence?

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I strongly suggest you use a UINavigationController (possibly as a ModalViewController) as it is intended to be used that way, with a chain of sub view controllers for each step of configuration. Share a single object throughout your viewcontrollers to keep track of the user progress and voila!

You could use a single UIViewController with different full screen views being showed/hidden but I don't really see the point of doing it that way: the UINavigationController will also feel familiar for your users, where a custom solution might not.

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Thanks! This answer made more sense to me once I learned that you can use the UINavigationController in a transparent way without having it look any different. –  MikeN Jul 6 '11 at 6:29

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