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Im developing a system in java that will retrieve from a database emails waiting to be sent and it will load them in a temporary buffer. Whenever emails are detected on buffers the idea is to use the observer/observable pattern to notify the smtp servers. the point is to have each server running on a different thread and all threads are observing the buffers. if anyone can help me understand how to implemented i would appreciate it. I 've already used the observer pattern before but never with multithreading.

hope someone can help me since I've been searching a lot on the internet but i couldnt find any answers

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You have each server running in a different thread or a different process/machine? – Kirk Woll Jul 5 '11 at 19:23
i have 1 thread per server – Ezequiel Jul 14 '11 at 17:42

That's basically the idea of an ExecutorService. You create an executor service backed by one or several threads (a thread pool), and you submit tasks to this executor service. The tasks are stored in a queue, from which the thread(s) of the executor service takes the tasks it must execute. When the queue is empty, the thread(s) wait for a new task to appear in the queue.

You could have a Map<SmtpServer, ExecutorService>, and submit all the mails you have found in the database to the appropriate executor service. Use Executors to create the appropriate implementation of ExecutorService.

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