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I have been a happy IntelliJ IDEA user for a long time but I have this question. When I am in a .java file, the unused code is usually grayed out or has a green underline saying this code will probably (probably because of some weird JNI/Reflection corner cases) will be unused. But I have this project with thousands of Java files and I want to find ALL INSTANCES of such probable-unused codes. How can I do that in IntelliJ IDEA?

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The answer given is right, but it's just a pity that there is no way to get all unused /dead code inside a project + a button to remove it all. That would be helpful ! –  Snicolas Aug 14 '14 at 13:31

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Just use Analyze | Inspect Code with appropriate inspection enabled (Unused declaration under Declaration redundancy group).

Using IntelliJ 11 CE you can now "Analyze | Run Inspection by Name ... | Unused declaration"

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In the recent idea , its under Analyze --> inspect code –  Skeptor Oct 9 '12 at 9:27
@Skeptor, not in IDEA 12 that will be released in December. –  CrazyCoder Oct 9 '12 at 10:31
hmm OK , its like that in idea 11 :) –  Skeptor Oct 18 '12 at 4:42
Just a correction for future readers: IDEA 12.1.6, at least, does indeed have it under Analyze --> Inspect Code –  ZAD-Man Jan 14 '14 at 22:27
@CrazyCoder This shows unused fields and methods too, any way to show only unused classes? –  Ben Clayton Apr 11 '14 at 13:05

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