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Oracle version : 10g

I'm trying to use the MIN function to find the minimum/lowest value of a dataset. The column I'm performing MIN on is a VARCHAR2 column. This column will either contain a numeric value, or a value of '--' which represents that the value is not applicable.

When performing the MIN() function on the column, the '--' is always returned.
I want to find a way to exclude the '--' from being calculated in the MIN statement. I can't use the WHERE clause in the statement to filter out columns with a '--' because that would exclude valid data.

Note: This is a huge legacy query (500+ lines) so re-writing this massive query is not really an option.

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This is valid in SQL Server and I think will probably work on Oracle as well.

As a side note, never ever store numeric data in string fields.

It's inefficient from a space perspective and you will get some weird results when doing inequality comparisons.

If you have these rows in your table:


The MAX value will be 1 and the MIN value will be 009

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I totally agree with not storing numbers as varchar's. The reason the column I'm pulling from is a varchar2 is because it is a view that is using a NVL function to determine whether it should display the '--' or the number. – contactmatt Jul 5 '11 at 20:16
@Contactmatt Then I would suggesting checking for references to that view in other tables/procedures and fixing that. If the data is NULL let's pass NULL, or some other numeric value that you know to big not really possible in your data, like -2147483647 – JNK Jul 5 '11 at 20:18

Really you just want the aggregate function to avoid this value. Aggregates skip nulls, so transform the value in question into a null:

min(case your_field
    when '--' then null
    else your_field

Also, as @JNK points out, storing numbers as strings is fraught with peril. For instance, unless your numbers are all padded to the same length, min will probably give you the wrong result: as strings, '1000' is less than '2'. You can use the float or int functions to convert your strings to actual numbers, but if you have any other non-numeric characters in there then the SQL will throw an error.

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Thanks for the help :) – contactmatt Jul 5 '11 at 20:16

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