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If you have a application that exceeds that Datastore quota of 1 Gig (Master/Slave configuration) How do you clear the condition?

I have an application called "parking-helper" and it has a Total Stored Data 100% used message.

But I've deleted 99% of the data (a few days ago) cleared the indexes, vacuumed the indexes and cleared the memcache and also waited for at least 2 reset cycles and yet the datastore still says 100% used.

The datastore admin shows that the datastore does not add up to more than a meg.

I know that memcache and indexes count also. It would be nice to see the sizes of these in the Datastore Admin view (but currently we cannot see these values). But I believe I cleared them also.

How can I reset this application without the drastic measure of deleting and re-creating which means I'd have to pick another application id and re-create all the other data.

Thanks, Ralph

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Please try to delete all versions on your app. If it didn't affect, I think a good way is delete your app and create new other app... :) – KimKha Jul 21 '11 at 15:25

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It's usually just a matter of waiting. And it looks like your quota is under 100% now.

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