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I have this in my makefile,

 rcFiles =  .vim .vimrc .gitconfig .hgrc .screenrc .Xresources .dircolors .bashrc .ctags .bash_completion.d
     @$(foreach f,$(rcFiles), [ -f $(HOME)/$f ] || ln -v -s $(PWD)/$f $(HOME)/ ;  )

if .bashrc exits and I try

 make install

I get

 ln: creating symbolic link `/home/user/.vim': File exists
 ln: creating symbolic link `/home/user/.bash_completion.d': File exists

and the process is aborted. why no prevented this problem the conditional?

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Add -f to your ln options ? –  Paul R Jul 5 '11 at 20:54
-f is very dangerous –  JuanPablo Jul 5 '11 at 21:00
Not really - you're just deleting any existing symbolic link. –  Paul R Jul 5 '11 at 21:06
I don't think that will help, as the problem is an existing directory. –  zwol Jul 5 '11 at 21:08

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ln -sfvn source target

The --force flag makes it replace an existing link The --no-dereference avoids creating 'subdirectory' links for links to directory, if the link existed already (useful for the .bash_completion.d and .vim dirs)

rcFiles =  .vim .vimrc .gitconfig .hgrc .screenrc .Xresources .dircolors .bashrc .ctags .bash_completion.d
     @$(foreach f,$(rcFiles), [ -f $(HOME)/$f ] || ln -v -f -n -s $(PWD)/$f $(HOME)/ ;  )


     @$(foreach f,$(rcFiles), [ -e $(HOME)/$f ] || ln -v -f -n -s $(PWD)/$f $(HOME)/ ;  )

To not only detect files (-f) but also directories. You might want to explicitely check for files and directories [ -f ... || -d ... ].

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[ -f $(HOME)/$f ]

is true only if $(HOME)/$f is (expands to) a file. The things you're getting errors on (.vim and .bash_completion.d) are directories. Try this instead:

[ -e "$(HOME)/$f" ]

(The double quotes are not strictly necessary, but will save you grief in the event that $(HOME)/$f were to expand to something with shell metacharacters in it.)

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