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I often use commands like ci( and di{ when editing source code.

Parameters in Ruby blocks are contained inside pipe characters, like |a, b|

Is it possible to extend this behavior to add support for |, so that commands like ci|, da| and yi| work properly?

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I have the following in my vimrc (I have added the va| and vi| commands for completeness):

nnoremap di\| T\|d,
nnoremap da\| F\|d,
nnoremap ci\| T\|c,
nnoremap ca\| F\|c,
nnoremap yi\| T\|y,
nnoremap ya\| F\|y,
nnoremap vi\| T\|v,
nnoremap va\| F\|v,

The , operator repeats the previous F,f,T or t but in the opposite direction. A very useful key!

These mappings can be easily modified to support other delimiters; I use the $ versions all the time when editing LaTeX.

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+1 Cracking tip ! –  sehe Jul 5 '11 at 22:00
Prince G: Thanks, good one. –  Herbert Sitz Jul 5 '11 at 22:42
I was thinking of writing my own text obj like this. But this is much faster. –  Thanh DK Jul 6 '11 at 10:36
@Thanh DK: Your link is probably more rigorous than my method. My mappings can't handle nested delimiters, for example. But they're good enough for my needs. –  Prince Goulash Jul 6 '11 at 12:23
Nice use of the ,. –  Peter Rincker Jul 6 '11 at 15:07

This is what I would use:

vnoremap <silent> a<bar> :<c-u>silent! normal! vF<bar>of<bar><cr>
vnoremap <silent> i<bar> :<c-u>silent! normal! vT<bar>ot<bar><cr>
onoremap <silent> a<bar> :normal va<bar><cr>
onoremap <silent> i<bar> :normal vi<bar><cr>

Basically setup a operator pending mode (that is the onoremap) which will call the appropriate visual mode mapping. The visual mode mappings will search backwards to find a | with F| then go to the other side of the visual selection via the o command, then search forwards with f| to select the other end of the piped area. The inner mappings are the same but instead of using the F and f commands you use T and t.

Sadly these mappings do not work correctly with the ., redo command as they inherently rely visual mode mappings which means the . command will execute the same command again but only for an area that take up the same amount of space.

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