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hi i have made a query but it is not giving any results, i am using 3 parameters cri,d1 and d2 i want to give values at run time, but when this query is executed no data is displayed even though i am giving correct input

SELECT  [Name Of District], 
    [ANC Id], 
    [Gram Panchayat or Village], 
    [Name Of Subcenter], 
    [Name Of PHC], 
    [Name Of Cluster], 
    [ANC Name], 
    [2nd ANC], 
    [3rd ANC], 
    [4th ANC], 
    [TT Bosters]
FROM  [ANC Data]
WHERE ('@ cri' BETWEEN '@ d1' AND '@ d2')
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You can try to use the SQL Server Profiler tool to inspect the real SELECT statement with real WHERE parameters’ values.

Just execute the same SELECT statement within the SQL Server Management Studio environment and check whether there is any data records satisfied to the SELECT query.

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i am using a access data base –  user830472 Jul 6 '11 at 16:49

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