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I want to get the contents of a wikipedia article using the actual API. Now, I know full well about action=render and action=raw, but I want the most barebones version possible, in plain text. No formatting, no links, preferably no templates, no citations, and no TOC. To give an example, here's an excerpt from the SO page:

<p><b>Stack Overflow</b> is a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Website" title="Website">website</a>, part of the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_Exchange_Network" title="Stack Exchange Network">Stack Exchange Network</a>,<sup id="cite_ref-blog_legal_1-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-blog_legal-1"><span>[</span>2<span>]</span></a></sup><sup id="cite_ref-stackapps_legal_2-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-stackapps_legal-2"><span>[</span>3<span>]</span></a></sup> featuring questions and answers on a wide range of topics in <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_programming" title="Computer programming">computer programming</a>.<sup id="cite_ref-secrets_3-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-secrets-3"><span>[</span>4<span>]</span></a></sup><sup id="cite_ref-slashdot_4-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-slashdot-4"><span>[</span>5<span>]</span></a></sup><sup id="cite_ref-google-tech-talks_5-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-google-tech-talks-5"><span>[</span>6<span>]</span></a></sup></p> 

This is after all the templates and stuff even. I want to cut those out completely, and find where the real article starts. Then I need to shave this down further to something like:

Stack Overflow is a website, part of the Stack Exchange Network, featuring questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming.

How can I cut through the templating and wiki formatting to get the raw article contents by themselves? This'd be implemented in PHP.

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Probably it's written in the docs: en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php –  hakre Jul 5 '11 at 21:37
@hakre Doesn't seem like it, unless I missed it? –  Cyclone Jul 5 '11 at 21:59

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The wikipedia and mediawiki api has everything you are looking for. For the SO example, here is the SO wiki api page.

I don't think you can get plain text directly through the API though. You need to choose from these set of parsers for what you are looking for.

Hope this helps!

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None of those seem to really do what I am looking for :/ –  Cyclone Jul 6 '11 at 17:28
Well, you don't always get a cut and try ready made solution. You need to start someplace and work from there. –  Sukumar Jul 6 '11 at 18:13
But none of those do anything better than the API itself, which is pretty far off from my goal. –  Cyclone Jul 6 '11 at 18:13
Were you looking for something like this - icodesnip.com/snippet/php/php-bot-to-get-wikipedia-definitions –  Sukumar Jul 6 '11 at 18:24
It gives me an error when I try to use it unfortunately: codepad.viper-7.com/O1Job8 –  Cyclone Jul 6 '11 at 18:28

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