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How can I do this in Ruby?:

Sometimes for diagnostics in interpreted language, it's faster for me to make a quick alteration to my code, tossing an object into the top-level namespace, then mess with it there in an interactive environment.

In Python, I add this to my code:

import __main__
__main__.[field] = [my problematic object]

...then run the file with a command python -i [myfilename]. Any idea how I can get access to the top-level namespace in Ruby?

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I'd recommend using Pry for this.

Run gem install pry to install pry. Then add the following code where you want to start an interactive session.

require 'pry'

An example of an interactive session.

$ cat debug.rb
a = 7
b = 6
product = a * b
require 'pry'
puts "The answer is: #{product}"

$ ruby debug.rb

From: debug.rb @ line 5 in Object#N/A:

     1: a = 7
     2: b = 6
     3: product = a * b
     4: require 'pry'
 =>  5: binding.pry
     6: puts "The answer is: #{product}"
pry(main)> product
=> 42
pry(main)> product = -1 * a * b
=> -42
pry(main)> exit
The answer is: -42
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So is pry a debugging gem? (Don't have time to try it out at the moment.) I'm sorry to be so uninformed, but I'm not familiar with the $ notation in Ruby. Is that something you can explain breifly? – JellicleCat Jul 5 '11 at 23:23
Pry is just an alternative to IRB, with many more features. Which $ are you talking about? $ cat debug.rb? That's the shell. – Dogbert Jul 5 '11 at 23:31

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