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I wanted to make a simple crawler in php that would let me get the links in a web page, echo their url, and crawl to other pages to do the same under a certain domain. Would using cURL be necessary here? Also..how would one specify depth of the crawler.

I have this so far :

    $dom = new DOMDocument;
foreach( $dom->getElementsByTagName('a') as $node ) {
    echo $dom->saveXml($node), PHP_EOL;
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If the only question is about "to use or not to use CURL" - then the answer is "Yes, use it" –  zerkms Jul 6 '11 at 1:32
well I also want to know how to do this...Im fairly new to cURL...and I've been looking around quite a bit –  re1man Jul 6 '11 at 1:54
I think I would add that you may run into timeout limits with PHP –  Toby Allen Jul 6 '11 at 7:44

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Check out Snoopy, a simple wrapper around curl. Below is some sample code

You need the snoopy.class.php from 
$snoopy = new Snoopy;
// need an proxy?:
//$snoopy->proxy_host = "my.proxy.host";
//$snoopy->proxy_port = "8080";
// set browser and referer:
$snoopy->agent = "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)";
$snoopy->referer = "http://www.jonasjohn.de/";
// set some cookies:
$snoopy->cookies["SessionID"] = '238472834723489';
$snoopy->cookies["favoriteColor"] = "blue";
// set an raw-header:
$snoopy->rawheaders["Pragma"] = "no-cache";
// set some internal variables:
$snoopy->maxredirs = 2;
$snoopy->offsiteok = false;
$snoopy->expandlinks = false;
// set username and password (optional)
//$snoopy->user = "joe";
//$snoopy->pass = "bloe";
// fetch the text of the website www.google.com:
    // other methods: fetch, fetchform, fetchlinks, submittext and submitlinks
    // response code:
    print "response code: ".$snoopy->response_code."<br/>\n";
    // print the headers:
    print "<b>Headers:</b><br/>";
    while(list($key,$val) = each($snoopy->headers)){
        print $key.": ".$val."<br/>\n";
    print "<br/>\n";
    // print the texts of the website:
    print "<pre>".htmlspecialchars($snoopy->results)."</pre>\n";
else {
    print "Snoopy: error while fetching document: ".$snoopy->error."\n";

You need to use "fetchlinks" to get the links.

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