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Does the Auth component have an afterFind() method on the user model?

Because if I define an afterFind() function in the user model the authentication stops working, it keeps giving me login error.

If I comment the afterFind() function in the user model, the authentication starts working again.

Any ideas?

// User.php
function afterFind($results) {

    foreach ($results as $key => $val) {

                if (isset($val['User']['phone'])) {
                    $number = $val['User']['phone'];

                    $results[$key]['User']['phone'] = '(' . substr($number,0,3) . ') ' . substr($number,3,3) . ' - ' . substr($number,6); 


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I assume afterFind() was working before? – Jason McCreary Jul 6 '11 at 1:36

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Although it's not clearly documented, I believe afterFind() need to return something;

Try placing the following at the end of afterFind():

return $results;
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