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I had mod_rewrite set on my server to rewrite a url like the following




In order words a URL shortern. Everything was working fine when the system was running under a sub-domain on my development site, but now it just generates a Not Found error, although if I manually enter the url /index.php?show=1 it works fine.

So the only changes is the urls switching from




however it's still running on the same server and the same sub-folder inside public_html on the server just the new domain name has been pointed to that folder.

The folder it's stored in is /public_html/paste

The full .htaccess file running in the directory is

# Set Default File
DirectoryIndex index.php

# Turn ReWrite Engine On
RewriteEngine on

# Create Rule To Write URLs To Shorter Versions
RewriteRule /([a-z0-9]+) /index.php?show=$1

I can't enable RewriteLog as the hosting doesn't allow it for some reason.

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Are you sure your host has mod_rewrite and allows htaccess overriding? –  Jason McCreary Jul 6 '11 at 2:08
Definitely as I said it was working perfectly when accessed via a sub-domain but has only failed when I set it up with it's own domain. It's still running on the same server, account and with the same host. Plus I have another site running on that server too which is using mod_write perfectly. –  James Krawczyk Jul 6 '11 at 2:10

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It sounds like the AllowOverride directive is not properly set for that folder. In your Apache configuration, you should make sure that the Directory or Vhost you're using for the primary domain has the AllowOverride set to All


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Tried this solution and the one above but neither seems to have helped. According to my host mod_rewrite is working just fine and it must be a problem with the site config but I have scoured my config and there isn't any errors. Just about to try doing some simple other rewrites from the same directory so see if it's a mod_rewrite problem or a config issue with site –  James Krawczyk Jul 7 '11 at 1:01

You probably need to specify the RewriteBase directive.


I'll also note that Options +FollowSymlinks would be good to have in there too in case you ever turn it off further up the config chain (rewrite wont work without it).

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