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I have read the Load runner basics and understood an overview of the components of Load Runner and general workflow.

As its Load Testing of a website, I need to plan real time scenarios of the functionality of the website with example 100 users who log-in simultaneously.

In Load runner,I need to create all these users that emulate steps of real users using the application These which would be virtual users…Vuser.

Could you all please help me writing this script? please help me by giving a script to create a vuser and description of the script.

The component is VuGen (Virtual User Generator) of Load runner. VuGen then also runs them. How to execute it?

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This question is probably more suitable for Software Quality Assurance & Testing. –  Helen Jul 6 '11 at 10:13

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There is no substitute for training in the tool. The path of self education in this space is one which has been trod by many and the results are almost universally poor for the traveler. Affirm your core skills related to development, test, project management, systems analysis, monitoring and diagnostic actions, Attend training, work with a mentor. That is the path to success.

James Pulley Moderator (LoadRunner Yahoo Groups, Advanced LoadRunner Yahoo Group, lr-LoadRunner Google Group, SQA Forums LoadRunner, SQAForums WinRunner, Linkedin LoadRunner, Linkedin LoadRunnerbythehour, The Pithy Performance list)

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I also agree that the best way to go is using a Mentor/Teacher in this case –  K.Sandell Jul 7 '11 at 10:34
As a follow on to my comment yesterday, your use of the term "simultaneously" could have some serious consequences in the generation of errors. In general, unless the sessions in question are controlled by a clock tick, users arrive and depart in a chaotic fashion. You may have tight clustering, such as around a specific time where all users needs to sign into a customer service solution to accept phone calls, but true simultaneity to the level you describe does not occur with organic computing units. –  James Pulley Jul 7 '11 at 13:07

You can find useful articles on Performance Testing principals and also tips & tricks for performance testing tools (including HP Loadrunner) on this site: http://www.perftesting.co.uk/

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the best way of studying and understanding loadrunner is the buit in tutorial. after installation you can get a pre-installed 10-day evaluation license, under which you can use the extensive tutorial of writing and creating the script. good luck!

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