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the image (small logo)is much closed to the browser top border than the text. but the text isn't why?

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Your image needs to be vertically aligned to the text. Here's the CSS:

.f1 img {
    vertical-align: text-bottom;

The reason is how the browser interprets 'line height' and how it positions inline-elements as well as text inside that vertical space.

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here is how I placed several images and words on the same line:

<div style="display:inline;float:left"> some word </div>
<img style="display:inline;float:left".../>
<div style="display:inline;float:left"> word 2></div>

Inline style takes up only as much width as it needs, and does not take new lines.

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Because the text COULD contain an uppercase letter that is higher and the font has margins to keep it readable that are not shared by the image.

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To fix you could add position: relative to the img element and a top value of 2px:

.f1 img {
  position: relative;
  top: 2px;

Or any other value for top if you want fine-grained control over where it sits exactly.

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