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I am accepting an NSString of random size from a UITextField and passing it over to a method that I am creating that will capture only the last 4 characters entered in the string.

I have looked through NSString Class Reference library and the only real option I have found that looks like it will do what I want it to is

- (void)getCharacters:(unichar *)buffer range:(NSRange)aRange

I have used this once before but with static parameters 'that do not change', But for this implementation I am wanting to use non static parameters that change depending on the size of the string coming in.

So far this is the method I have created which is being passed a NSString from an IBAction else where.

- (void)padString:(NSString *)funcString

    NSString *myFormattedString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%04d",[funcString intValue]]; // if less than 4 then pad string
    //   NSLog(@"my formatedstring = %@", myFormattedString);

    int stringLength = [myFormattedString length]; // captures length of string maybe I can use this on NSRange?

    //NSRange MyOneRange = {0, 1}; //<<-------- should I use this? if so how?

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Use the substringFromIndex method,

NSString *trimmedString=[string substringFromIndex:[string length]-4];


NSString *trimmedString=[string substringFromIndex:MAX((int)[string length]-4, 0)]; //in case string is less than 4 characters long.
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that gives me a warning saying (instance method subStringFromIndex not found type defaults to 'id') –  C.Johns Jul 6 '11 at 4:39
Ah, its substringFromIndex not subStringFromIndex, case sensitive :) thanks alot Kingofbliss –  C.Johns Jul 6 '11 at 4:42
Actually, you should probably protects yourself by using: NSString *trimmedString=[string substringFromIndex:MAX((int)[string length]-4, 0)]; in case string is less than 4 characters long. –  Lancelot de la Mare May 4 '13 at 1:31

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