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When I run the following code I'm getting an error that reads "fig_match:rb:5:in '': uninitialized constant Match::Fig (NameError) from fig_match.rb:4:in"

I was in the midst of testing my setup and battle methods, which is why I have the setup and match calls after my variable setters in the Match class.

require_relative = 'fig_user.rb' #class name is Fig within fig_user.rb

class Match
    fig1 = Fig.new
    fig2 = Fig.new
    go = 0
    winner = nil

    setup(Bob, Sam)

    def setup(name1, name2)
    #set names
    @name1 = fig1.name
    @name2 = fig2.name

    go = rand(2)

    def battle
        if go.even?
        p fig1.name



This is the separate class that's being referenced in the above code (not sure if it matters)

class Fig 

attr_reader :name, :power, :health
attr_accessor :name, :power, :health

deckId = @id 
name = @name 
power = @power
moves = Hash["Kick", 50, "Punch", 30]
health = 100
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require_relative is a method. You've assigned it as a variable name. Hence, you have no Fig class in your scope.

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Thanks, I just tried to alter the placement of require_relative. Where would it go to be in my scope? (New to ruby and programming) –  Dru Jul 6 '11 at 6:06
+1, require_relative = 'fig_user.rb' should be require_relative 'fig_user.rb' –  Chron Jul 6 '11 at 6:07
Thanks, I'm getting new errors lol. So it works. –  Dru Jul 6 '11 at 6:15
I imagine you will... For instance, I think the definition for moves will cause some. Also, attribute_accessor enables both attribute getter and setter functions. Also, you use match.battle where you really could just use battle or, to be explicit self.battle; assuming I understand what you are after. Good luck. –  Ryanmt Jul 6 '11 at 16:13

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