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Within my PHP file, I'm passing some variables around from an input box into a link, which loads a page via jQuery's ajax load function with that variable in its URL.

This whole system works perfectly, but it only works with single-word variables. Anytime there is a space involved, my Ajax call breaks. I'm assuming this is an encoding issue, but I have some doubts there as well. Basically, it boils down to this line of code in my PHP file which is causing a ruckus.

Is it possible to find out if this is formatted correctly, or why this would break with multi-world queries? The "Keyword" variable has jQuery's trim function applied to it.

echo  $("#addminimal").load("/addmnml?topic='.$_GET['keyword'].'")  ;


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hi, can you put code for jquery.ajax you are using and what do you required with some examples? so we can make you show batter solutions.thx –  Chandresh Jul 6 '11 at 6:02

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You don't have to do any encoding at all. Jquery handles it for you:

Here's one way:

echo ' $("#addminimal").load("/addmnml", {topic: "'.$_GET['keyword'].'"}) ';

This works because .load() accepts a second parameter in an key-value-pair way, and does the encoding for you.

Or better, use php json:

$params = json_encode(array("topic" => $_GET['keyword']));
echo ' $("#addminimal").load("/addmnml", '.$params.') ';

Hope this helps. Cheers

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Use encodeURIComponent to encode spaces before sending to server:

    type: 'POST',
    url: 'APage.aspx',
    data: 'word=' + encodeURIComponent('word with space'),
    success: function(Data, TextStatus, XHR)


    error: function(XHR)

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you need to encode the value...

With PHP:

echo ' $("#addminimal").load("/addmnml?topic='.urlencode($_GET['keyword']).'") ';

or on the javascript side:

echo ' $("#addminimal").load("/addmnml?topic="+encodeUriComponent('.$_GET['keyword'].') ';
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