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I have a JSF page that contains:

<div class="tableCaption">
  <h2>Batch Details</h2>

and a CSS that defines the look of .tableCaption h2

I want to wrap the above div in a JSF component that has the 'rendered' attribute so I can enable/disable the div but I cannot find the appropriate component. Is it even possible to wrap arbitrary HTML components and switch them on/off?

If that's not possible is there a way to use somehow to make it use the CSS already defined for .tableCaption h2?

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You can use <h:panelGroup layout="block"> to get a HTML <div> element.

<h:panelGroup layout="block" styleClass="tableCaption" rendered="#{condition}">
    <h2>Batch Details</h2>

Alternatively, when using JSP as view technology, you can use <f:verbatim> instead if the sole body is pure HTML.

<f:verbatim rendered="#{condition}">
    <div class="tableCaption">
        <h2>Batch Details</h2>

Please note that this tag is been deprecated in JSF 2.0 in favour of Facelets.

Or, when you're using Facelets as view technology, the <ui:fragment> should do:

<ui:fragment rendered="#{condition}">
    <div class="tableCaption">
        <h2>Batch Details</h2>
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Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I forgot to mention I was on JSF 1.1 and none of the above will work as they are JSF1.2 or onwards. I have ended up using the MyFaces Tomahawk library for JSF1.1 - specifically the <t:div> tag. – Lukas Rossa Jul 13 '11 at 23:01
The <f:verbatim> is supported in JSF 1.1. – BalusC Jul 14 '11 at 5:59
The <f:verbatim> does not support rendered attribute in JSF1.1 – andy Jan 25 '12 at 13:47
@user1169330: you're right. Just use <h:panelGroup> instead then. Or just upgrade JSF, JSF 1.1 is dead technology. – BalusC Jan 25 '12 at 14:23

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