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I would like to cache a template and I know that it possible to do this in the url. However, the specific template I would like to cache is also delviered with a direct to template:

(r'^menu/$', direct_to_template, { 'template': 'corp_menu.html' }),

Does anyone know how to convert my url to cache this using the django documentation:

The django documentation shows

urlpatterns = ('',
(r'^foo/(\d{1,2})/$', cache_page(60 * 15)(my_view)),

Thanks for any help

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(r'^menu/$', cache_page(60 * 15)(direct_to_template), { 'template': 'corp_menu.html' }),

should work.

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worked like a charm! Thanks! –  DZ. Jul 13 '11 at 2:54

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