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How would I go about doing something like using x.styl for one part of my app and y.styl for another part?

It seems that all css is contained in app.styl and I can't conditionally load sheets depending on content. Am I suppose to handel this via conditional statements within stylus or via JS?


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You should handle this outside of stylus in your HTML (or whatever templating language you use for HTML). For example, in a jade template you could do:

- var style = 'x.css'
- if (mainArea)
  - style = 'y.css'
link(href=style, type="text/css", rel="stylesheet")

You would render this by passing in a boolean called mainArea via your jade locals option when rendering the template.

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You don't use jade for this in SocketStream since all assets are loaded initially. An asset manager is coming in 0.4 that will achieve what you're trying to do.

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