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I use Asp.net 4 in C# and Entity Framework 4.

My web application is layerered in this way:

  • Data Access Layer using EF.
  • Business Logic Layer using Class.
  • User View Layer using Web Forms and ObjectDataSource to call BL.

At the moment for Validation I use MS Validation Control son every single Web Form so I can have Client and Server validation.

The main disadvantage for this approach is that I have to insert different Validation Control repeatedly on every Web Form with consequent nightmare in maintaining.

My questions:

  • Do you know a better pattern where I can centralize my Validation Roles and make it work on both Client and Server side?
  • Where would you advice me to insert the logic for Validation? Inside the Business Logic Layer?
  • Can EF POCO help to accomplish this?
  • What about System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations have you ever used it, What are your thoughts?

Please give me your opinion and some resource if you have any. Thanks for your help!

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We use the Validation Application Block from Microsoft;


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Thanks for your link, have you ever use DataAnnotations? –  GibboK Jul 6 '11 at 6:19

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