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I have a page where I present a specific product (book, cd etc) which is like this:

I do not understand why, sometimes, some bots try to access these details pages with urls like:

And of course, this url no longer can be interpreted in ASP.NET like a usual url so I cannot extract the parameters like usual (Request.QueryString)...

  1. Do you have any idea how this bot has scanned the site in this way? Because nowhere on my site I have urls with & replaced by &

  2. Do you see a work-around? I cannot replace & with & on the fly for the initial request...

Ps: Oh yes, I know that if I do url rewriting I no longer have such a problem but I cannot change at this moment all the site just because of this...

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  1. Can you see in the IIS logs what kind of bot that is? Might be an unimportant one, so you could simply ignore it.

  2. As a relatively simple workaround, you can do a URL Rewrite like this (depending on your QueryString combinations this can be adjusted): check for


and redirect to (something like - this hasn't been tested)


If there are different numbers of QueryString parameters, you could write different rules, starting with the highest amount (or find a better rule). This can really be done without changing the whole site.

But first I'd search for other reasons why this happens.

A third way (maybe the nicest) would be to use "SEO-friendly URLs" anyway instead of visible QueryStrings. It may help with your rankings, too. Check (or many other sites) for more information.

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I've been able to find out the ip of the bot and doing whois it appears: Title: So seems that wordpress bot has some problems..? –  Cristian Boariu Jul 6 '11 at 8:10
So it seems. However, you can still apply the Rewrite Rule to your IIS (or your web.config). –  Olaf Jul 6 '11 at 9:24

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