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I use a foreach loop to loop through multiple seed urls. During each loop, I instantiate a crawler using PHPCrawl and the next seed url.

foreach($companyUrls as $companyId => $companyUrl) {
    $crawler = new MyCrawler($companyUrl, $companyId);

It runs fine for the first loop, but throws the following error the second time through before any crawling has been done:

"Call to undefined method stdClass::receivePage() in
/data/utilities/PHPCrawl_070/classes/phpcrawler.class.php on line 201"

I have not modified the original PHPCrawl V0.70 classes in any way. I have only extended the PHPCrawler class and added process code to the handlePageData() function as described in the PHPCrawl documentation. If I run this without the foreach loop (instantiating a new class one at a time with new urls), the system works fine.

Please help!!

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Looks like its a known issue and supposedly fixed in the version youre using. I was going to take a look but it looks like they arent using a SCM hooked up to the SF repository browser.... or maybe not any SCM at all (sigh) – prodigitalson Jul 6 '11 at 6:37
You are correct... and I was using V0.70. I was lazy and looked at the online documentation for the version because I just installed this last week. Turns out they just updated it last week too. Great. – T. Brian Jones Jul 6 '11 at 6:56
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This is a known error and has been fixed in Version 0.71 (I was using version 0.70).

Thanks @prodigitalson for your comment.

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