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i am using solr for search and i implemented highlighting feature for my search results. when i my search string is ring it highlight ring but when search string is "gold ring" than also it highlight only gold, where i wanted to highlight whole gold ring for highlighting i use description field which i got as

highlighting ={
        "8252": {
            "text": [
                " and <em>gold</em><em>Ring</em>  design was finely crafted in Japan."
        "8142": {
            "text": [
                "This <em>elegant</em> <em>Ring</em>  has an Akoya cultured pearl with a band of bezel-set round diamonds making"

Now i am parsing it as

$.each(, function(i,item){
   var word = highlight[item["UID_PK"]];
   var result="";
   var j=0;
   for (j=0 ;j<=item.text.length;j++)
    result = result+item.text[j]+"<br>";
                                result=result.replace(word,'<em>' + word + '</em>');

Now how should i parse so that i got gold ring highlighted

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Have you passed -


in query parameters? This value tells solr to highlight multi term. Value of this parameter is by default set to false. So, you need to make it true by passing it with query parameter.

For more reference please visit Solr Documentation.

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as you can see in json i got and <em>gold</em><em>Ring</em> design was finely crafted in Japan.", putting </em> around both ring and gold. i juss need to parse it so that i could get both highlighted – Romi Jul 6 '11 at 7:17

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