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I am planning to create a contact form that sends its data to Google Docs and to an email... what are the possibilities and approaches? I like building froms from Google Docs, my only worry if I build my form based on google docs, I might not have the capability to reply on the email. like the regular gmail functions.

Here's my goal. I want to use Google Docs to build my database of emails and contacts, I also want it to send in my email so I can easily reply to them.

Please advice me what approach I can do.


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You could use Apps Script to accomplish most of this. You can set an trigger to run a function each time a form is submitted. Maybe that script could send you an email with the content of the form and send an auto-reply to the user. You can automate a lot of other actions via scripts as well. There's a tutorial on automating a simple helpdesk workflow that might be relevant to what you're trying to do.

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You might want to give these instructions a try:

Adding a submission form

Followed by:

Making a Google Doc submission form email you the results

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