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I tried:

<KeyBinding Key="S" Modifiers="Control, Shift"/>


<KeyBinding Key="S" Modifiers="Control|Shift"/>

But it doesn't work.

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I thought this looked familiar: see stackoverflow.com/questions/4050066/… –  paxdiablo Jul 6 '11 at 8:20
@paxdiablo, oops, didn't notice it. I tried to delete it, but it won't allow me. I hope more users will vote for it to close and clear it out. –  Shimmy Jul 6 '11 at 23:15

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You can use:

<KeyBinding Modifiers="Ctrl+Shift" Key="S" Command="{Whatever}" />

A gesture should also work:

<KeyBinding Gesture="Ctrl+Shift+S" Command="{Whatever}" />

See here for more details.

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From MSDN:

XAML Values

oneOrMoreModifierKeys One or more modifier keys, defined by the ModifierKeys enumeration, delimited with a "+" character.

So my guess is

<KeyBinding Key="S" Modifiers="Control+Shift"/>
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