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My WCF service can work on any servers. My client - is console application. In command line parameters I want set address of my WCF service. Current in config client I have:

      <resource uri="assembly://MyAssembly.Console/MyAssembly.Console/ServerWeb.xml"/>
      <endpoint behaviorConfiguration="Default" name="serverWebDataServiceEndpoint" address="http://localhost/mydata/DataService.svc"
                binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="basicHttpBinding1" contract="MyData.Contracts.IDataService"/>

File ServerWeb.xml is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<objects xmlns=""

  <wcf:channelFactory id="serverWebDataService"
    channelType="VimpelCom.Fmrad.Theseus.WcfDataLayer.CommonTypes.Contracts.IDataService, VimpelCom.Fmrad.Theseus.WcfDataLayer.CommonTypes"
    endpointConfigurationName="serverWebDataServiceEndpoint" />


In application, I use next code, for call service's methods:

IApplicationContext _ctx = ContextRegistry.GetContext();
IDataService _dataService = _ctx["serverWebDataService"] as IDataService;

var rule = _dataService.GetRuleById(ruleId);

How I can use another address of WCF service from command line?

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Try something like that :

<wcf:channelFactory id="serverWebDataService"
    channelType="VimpelCom.Fmrad.Theseus.WcfDataLayer.CommonTypes.Contracts.IDataService, VimpelCom.Fmrad.Theseus.WcfDataLayer.CommonTypes"
  <!-- You can use classic DI to configure the ChannelFactory<T> instance -->
  <wcf:property name="Endpoint.Address">
    <object type="System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress, System.ServiceModel">
      <constructor-arg name="uri" value"${serviceUrl}"/>

You can use IVariableSource abstraction to get a property value from commandline. See :

<object type="Spring.Objects.Factory.Config.VariablePlaceholderConfigurer, Spring.Core">
   <property name="VariableSources">
         <object type="Spring.Objects.Factory.Config.CommandLineArgsVariableSource, Spring.Core">
           <property name="ArgumentPrefix" value="--" />
           <property name="ValueSeparator" value="="/>

Set the variable in command line like this : program.exe --serviceUrl=http://localhost/Service.svc

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