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e.g. for mail.google.com would it return google.com or mail.google.com? I can't actually test it myself

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Why can't you test it for yourself? –  Schroedingers Cat Jul 6 '11 at 8:23
Because I'm changing an already live system. I can't deploy this. Running locally gives me localhost for Request.Url.Host –  Adam Lynch Jul 6 '11 at 9:52

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It does include subdomain (e.g. mail.google.com)

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You can save yourself from the headache of waiting for answers by reading documentation on Msdn.

A String that contains the host name. This is usually the DNS host name or IP address of the server.

If the requested DNS record is a subdomain, that's the record it will return. Subdomains are still there own records in a zone file, so its not going to return just the root domain because that's not the same record, nor request.

I was also curious as to why you couldn't test this, but if its because of the lack of an internet connection (maybe you're posting from mobile I don't know) you can add your own records to the Windows HOSTS file and test locally.

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