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I am trying to find a Carbon API which can give me the WindowRef from window id and with that windowref I want to have bounds?

EDIT: I found API extern WindowRef HIWindowFromCGWindowID(CGWindowID inWindowID); But I am not able to use it. I have included carbon header and have also added its framework to project. Is there something else required to HI apis?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Following should do -

        CGRect rect;
        uint32_t windowid[1] = {windowID};
        CFArrayRef windowArray = CFArrayCreate ( NULL, (const void **)windowid, 1 ,NULL);
        CFArrayRef windowsdescription = CGWindowListCreateDescriptionFromArray(windowArray);
        CFDictionaryRef windowdescription = (CFDictionaryRef)CFArrayGetValueAtIndex ((CFArrayRef)windowsdescription, 0);
        if(CFDictionaryContainsKey(windowdescription, kCGWindowBounds))
            CFDictionaryRef bounds = (CFDictionaryRef)CFDictionaryGetValue (windowdescription, kCGWindowBounds);
                CGRectMakeWithDictionaryRepresentation(bounds, &rect);
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The following line eliminates one of arrays, returning an array with one dictionary in it: CFArrayRef windowArray = CGWindowListCopyWindowInfo(kCGWindowListOptionIncludingWindow, windowID); Also, in your example, the array of descriptions is being leaked (missing CFRelease). Other than that, this fixed my issue. The [NSWindow frame] model is updated asynchronously. If you're trying to attach a child window to a parent window that was/is being dragged around by the user, this is the only way to get the current value from the window manager. Thanks! –  D.McG. May 15 at 19:30
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