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Do anyone know why FocusOut event is not working on linux?

I have 1 enabled textbox and 3 disabled combobox. I bind the textbox with FocusOut event where it will call a proc that enables or disables the 3 combobox.

It works perfectly on Windows. However, it doesn't seem to trigger the FocusOut event when this action is done on Linux. One weird thing is that if I click on buttons, FocusOut event seems to be triggered.

Could it be because my combobox are disabled? But why does it work on Windows?

I really hope someone can help me please.

Thanks in advance.

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Just to clarify -- are you really concerned about focus (ie: where the keyboard sends text) or whether the cursor is over the widget or not? What are you doing to trigger the <FocusOut> event -- a special binding to the tab key, you click over some other entry or text widget, ...? And just to be certain, are you talking about a text widget or an entry widget (there is no widget named 'textbox')? –  Bryan Oakley Jul 11 '11 at 11:09
I'm concern about when user clicks on combobox or text widget after some inputs in the entry widget. Thus I'm using the <FocusOut> event. –  Mich Jul 13 '11 at 4:11

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I have observed in the past that some window managers steal the focus temporarily from Tk on each button click before setting it back; I suspect that this has to do with the way that key event handling works, but I am unable to check at the moment (due to being on OSX, where things are different). Because of the complexities involved, I'd suggest that if you bind to <FocusOut>, you should also check whether you get a <FocusIn> event shortly after; a little extra delay (e.g., 0.1s) before doing the update of the buttons' disabled status will not hurt.

Or you could hang the code to do the disabling off the entry widget validation engine, perhaps like this:

.e configure -validation focusout -validatecommand doButtonEnableDisable

The validation interface is the same for both the old style entry and the new style ttk::entry widgets. It's also supported by spinboxes. Just be aware that you need to return a boolean true from doButtonEnableDisable or you'll reject the change to the entry, and you should take care to ensure that your code does not produce an error or it will disable itself; the docs list the things to watch out for.

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I tried the second suggestion but sadly it doesn't work on linux too. It behaves the same as when I bind my entry widget to <FocusOut>. On the other hand, when <FocusIn> is bind to my entry widget, it does call the proc I wanted it to call. Any idea why? Thanks =) –  Mich Jul 13 '11 at 4:16

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