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A while ago I developed a flash app that takes pictures from the users webcam, I recently bought a android tablet device (flash capable), but the flash app do not find the camera of the tablet, any way I can modify my flash app in order to "see" the tablet's camera?

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are you using Flash of Flash Builder?

For Flash Builder: if you want to access a mobile camera, you need flash builder 4.5 at least. There you can call for CameraUI instead of Camera. I don't know if this is actually a feature of Flash Builder or if it is also available in Flash, since i am not using Flash Builder 4.5 just yet.

look at this link to find a coded example of CameraUI and the implementation of it.

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The API he's referencing is AIR only. Is this a browser app or a standalone air app? – dleavitt Aug 3 '11 at 0:41

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