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quick question, i know we can change the content of a

<div id="whatEverId">hello one<div> by using:

document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTML="hello two";

now, is there a way I can ADD stuff to the div instead of replacing it??? so i can get

<div id="whatEverId">hello one hello two<div>

(using something similar of course)

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<div id="whatever">hello one</div>
document.getElementById("whatever").innerHTML += " hello two";
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ahha didnt think about that lol, thankss! –  Gmo Jul 6 '11 at 9:22
document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTML =  document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTML +  "hello two" + document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTM ;
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What jcomeau_ictx suggested is an inefficient way of editing the innerHTML. Check Ben cherry's PPT http://www.bcherry.net/talks/js-better-faster

The correct way will be detaching the element and making changes to it and then appending it back to the parent node. Use https://gist.github.com/cowboy/938767 Native javascript from this gist to detach element.

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If you are appending, you can just change your = to a +=

document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTML += 'hello two';

If prefixing

document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTML = 'hello two' + document.getElementById("whatEverId").innerHTML;

Although I would highly recommend using jQuery or MooTools javascript libraries/frameworks to do this sort of thing. If you're adding tags not just text nodes, then you should use the DOM createElement or one of the aforementioned libraries/frameworks.

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You can do it by appending div string like this..

document.getElementById('div_id').innerHTML += 'Hello Two';

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