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I currently have the following array,

Array (1)
0 => Array (5)
  productid => 1
  qty => 1
  materialid => 12

and I have the following two queries which are

select name as productname, price from products where productid=1


select name from materials where materialid=12

I need to link these queries such that the array output is like this or similar:

Array (1)
0 => Array (5)
  productid => 1
  qty => 1
  materialid => 12
  productname => Toothbrush
  price => £3.00

This is basically to output the content on to a basket page. Note that the queries can not be joined as there isn't any joins on the two tables.


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PHP's array_merge can do this for you – Alexander Varwijk Jul 6 '11 at 9:41
The output array doesn't contain data from the second query, only productname and price from the first. – Kwebble Jul 6 '11 at 10:09
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You could also query both tables at the same time:

select as productname, as materialname, p.price
    from products p, materials m
    where p.productid=1 and materialid=12
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Hi All I'd like to thank all of y'al for your responses, all of the solutions worked. I decided to go with David's solution. Thanks – Dino Jul 6 '11 at 10:23

Run the first query, get the data as a keyed array. Run the second query, get the data as a keyed array as well. Then make a union of both arrays:

$data1 = query_data($sql1);
$data2 = query_data($sql2);
$result = array($data1 + $data2);

Will give you a result that is one array containing a single array with all values from $data1 and $data2. Duplicate keys in $data2 will not overwrite those from $data1. See Array Operators in the PHP Manual.

A similar function is array_merge() which does create one array out of two as well.

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Where did you get the data to populate the initial array? Does it always have a single value (if so you could use a cartesian join on a single query to avoid making 2 trips to the database). Why are the relations between the tables of data not described in the database?

Splicing the values from the array into the query, either as literals or as bound parameters is trivial. What is the question here?

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You can run query separately:

$res1 = mysql_query(Qry1); 
$res2 = mysql_query(Qry2);

$data1 = mysql_fetch_array($res1);
$data2 = mysql_fetch_array($res2);

$res = array_merge_recursive($data1, $data2);
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