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I have configured the IP address for a NIC successfully in Windows7. But after pulling out the net cable, I can't get the IP address from API and ipconfig, but I can view it in "Network Connections". And if I insert the cable again, then I can get the address once more.

How could I get or change the IP address of a NIC, when the NIC is disconnected? I have used "GetAdaptersInfo" "GetIpAddrTable" or WMI class. All above method return ipaddress for such NIC.

My platform is Windows7, and I wish the method can work for other Windows platforms.


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The IP address isn't a property inherent to the NIC. The instant it becomes disconnected, it loses its IP. The IP is assigned by either a DHCP server or statically by your OS when there is actually a connection.

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This answer is correct. NIC that are not connected to a network do not have an IP address. Make sure, however, that you're not confusing an IP address with a MAC address; they're very different things. –  Cody Gray Jul 7 '11 at 8:21
So the follow on question is: How can I read the IP address that will be assigned to the NIC when it is reconnected? (Obviously we have to discount the corner case of a dynamic IP address where the lease is expired.) –  Ian Goldby May 3 '12 at 8:33

Some people suggested me to change a registry key, which will turn off media detection.


Value: 1

I have tested this method but it still returns, but I can read unpluged NIC's IP address from reg:

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As another answer to this question mentions, this won't actually solve the problem that you're experiencing. But it's also a poor solution for another reason: you're using a global solution with far-ranging consequences to manage a local problem. It's like using a bazooka to kill a fly. Moreover, this solution isn't portable: it won't work on any machine that you don't have administrative access to. Generally, users frown on programs monkeying around with their computer's registry settings. I certainly would. –  Cody Gray Jul 7 '11 at 8:23

To get the IP from a disconnected NIC, try using netsh interface dump, for example:

netsh interface ipv4 dump name="Wireless Network Connection"

The ouput is like:

# IPv4 Configuration
# ----------------------------------

pushd interface ipv4

set global icmpredirects=enabled
add address name="Wireless Network Connection" address= mask=

# End of IPv4 configuration
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