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I'm parsing the wikipedia XML dump using a REXML StreamListener. After a few million articles, it complains that it can't find a matching close tag, and skips the rest of the file.

Is there any way to get it to ignore the unclosed tag, and to resume parsing the stream after it?

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Can you supply the XML snippet that causes the error? Is it indeed incorrectly formed? – Martijn Jul 6 '11 at 11:09
Nokogiri (or, more correctly, the underlying libXML) is better at recovering from non-well-formed documents. Perhaps you can try its stream parsing mode? – Mark Thomas Jul 6 '11 at 11:28
@Mark - could you add an answer describing how I'd do that? If it solves the problem I'll happily accept it. – Simon Jul 6 '11 at 12:28
@martijn - see… – Simon Jul 6 '11 at 12:29

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The Nokogiri SAX mode is very similar to REXML's SAX (StreamListener) mode. Sample:

require 'nokogiri'

include Nokogiri

class PostCallbacks < XML::SAX::Document
  def start_element(element, attributes)
    if element == 'tag'
      # Process tag data here

parser =

Nokogiri also has a Reader interface which yields every node, in case you don't like the SAX-style callback interface.

reader = Nokogiri::XML::Reader(xml)    
reader.each do |node|
  # node is an instance of Nokogiri::XML::Reader

The difference is that Nokogiri can recover from non-well-formedness better than pretty much any parser out there, thanks to the underlying libXML2 recover mode (on by default I believe).

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