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Is it possible to change the font size and make text bold which is displayed in a ProgressDialog .I have created a ProgressDialog like this:

private ProgressDialog dialog;
this.dialog =, "Heading","Message...", true);

I want to make Heading bold and increase the font size..pls help

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If you import android.text.Html; then you will be able to use the Html.fromHtml() method to do it, like so:

private ProgressDialog dialog;
this.dialog =, Html.fromHtml(
               "<b>Heading<b>"), Html.fromHtml("<big>Message...</big>"), true);

You should also be able to use other Html text formatting tags like <small> <u> <i> <sub> etc., and obviously you can mix and match them like any other html text.

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As a note, if importing strings from XML, don't forget to write your HTML tags using HTML Entities, for example: code<b>Heading</b> becomes &lt;b&gt;Heading&lt;/b&gt;code. More on HTML Entities here: – 92Jacko Oct 3 '11 at 15:49
nice very nice, I think its gonna help me alot – Anonymous Mohit Jul 25 '13 at 13:05

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